Justyn Lim Banda

My Portfolio

These are some of my current and past projects, click on each of them to find out more about the project and who my clients are. I like to keep up with the latest trends in design, which are currently; a lot of white space (good for UX) and rounded borders, these are just two of the many things I have implemented on these websites.

Please Note: This list was put together with short notice and with approval I’d be able to show a bit more of the projects that I have worked on.

A Sneak Peak

Swift Skills

I am in the process of assisting Swift with a few of their websites, this site will eventually become the face of Swift Skills Academy. Check it out:

Her Own Business

This project is partly a passion project as I am always eager for people to learn and take control of their lives. This is still a start up, so improvements to this site will come as the company grows. 

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If you like my work and need some assistance with your website then feel free to reach out using the below details.

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